SpotList Music



What is SpotList Music?

SpotList is a unique way of creating new playlists, using the music that is available in Spotify. When you give us a search query, we will scan every playlist in Spotify that has that name. Then we check all the songs in those playlists and give you a whole new playlist with the most occurring songs from the playlists!

Why do I need a Spotify premium account?

Because we’re using the music from Spotify. Since this music is not free to listen to on your mobile device, you need a premium account.

Sometimes it takes a while to create a playlist, how come?

That means that the search query you gave us, resulted in a lot of playlists. It takes a bit longer to dig in to all these playlists. If it takes too long, please check your internet connection.

I created a playlist, but I want to delete some songs. How?

When you created and saved a playlist, it will be saved in SpotList but also in Spotify! In Spotify you can add or delete songs in the playlist, these changes will also be applied in SpotList.

Why do you ask me to give you feedback?

We’re a start-up, and we want to give you the best possible product. We can only do this if we know your opinion about SpotList! All your feedback will be anonymous, and we won’t do anything with it, except improving SpotList for you! You can send your feedback to

Do you save or sell my data?

No we don’t. We just need you to login to check if you have a Spotify premium account.

Is the app available for both iOS and Android?

Yes! And it’s free!